Mishal takes new path

Last year, Bishop Joseph Toal created the Office for Mission and Evangelisation which brought together a number of different agencies in the diocese including the youth office, the Newmains pastoral centre and adult formation. As part of the restructure, a parish youth development worker has been appointed to work in local parishes in creating ‘hubs’ for young people and helping to create the evangelisers of tomorrow.

Mishal Francis (above), a 26-year-old parishioner of St Vincent De Paul Church in East Kilbride, will visit parishes in the diocese to work with young Catholics, spending 6-9 months in each parish she is invited to.

“It is about evangelising young people and developing their spirituality but ultimately it is just creating a parish hub where all the young people who go to school and university come back to,” Ms Francis said. “It’s creating that communication between the different things they are involved in but giving them that community they always come back to; giving them that sense of belonging to the Church and belonging to a community.”

Source: Scottish Catholic Observer (read more)