About Us

We are a volunteer based charity, presently we do not have any paid staff working in the organisation. Our largest project is the house of hope and recycling centre where we are providing voluntary work and training opportunities which will improve the job prospects of local people while sowing a seed of harmony and unity in the surrounding communities. We aim to assist in the provision of services which support growth and development in the areas of: community nutrition programs, youth development and employment.

Our largest project is the HOUSE of HOPE charity shop, where we have everything from furniture to clothing, books and bric-a-brac. We are also in the process of opening a community cafe in early 2015.

HOUSE of HOPE opened in May 2014, in Greenhills shopping centre, providing quality second-hand furniture and other re-usable goods. Using resources put forward by the founders, as well as their relatives and friends, the charity endeavoured to address the needs of the poor and disadvantaged in the communities of East Kilbride.

At the HOUSE of HOPE charity shop, we currently have over 15 volunteers, all with various skills and abilities and this will enable them all to gain confidence and experience to stand out in todays market.

Aitkens Tombola is one of our most popular attractions to the shop, named after our volunteer who would chat away to every customer whenever they came into the shop. Eric isn’t currently at the HOUSE of HOPE, he has left us – temporarily, until January 2015, after successfully gaining employment from experience gained working in the shop.